Issac 1
Isaac Neuron is the field scientist in the squad. Isaac is rumored to be the sole surviving neuron from Albert Einstein's brain! He has a very high IQ and no EQ whatsoever!

Isaac is the smallest (and possibly the youngest) member of the Nanosquad. He is the team mate of Nanoboy and CJ. He seems to be a scientist (or that it is possible) because he knows alot about chemicals, viruses, poisens, etc. He is also seen building and inventing. He got berried up in paper towels, fax book, call mathbook, sleeve carp, pill bottles, a tender, a bag, advair medicine, part of the word sort chart, Isaiah thing, glue stick, lego block, walgreens bag, anacosocda car, sticky thing and the part the box that says the word Captain's Wafers on June, 27, 2013.

Personality: Isaac has a very smart, childish, yet very kind personality. He'll do anything to protect his friends and keep them safe.

Appearance: Isaac is bald (he has no hair), he has light blue skin, black eyes, and he is a bit chubby and short, he is shorter than Nanoboy. He is a tryclops neuron (a person with three eyes). He also wears a one-peice, sleeveless, white outfit, he also wears a white belt with a light grey hoop-like belt buckle. He also wears light grey boots and orange gloves.


  • He has a very good friend-ship relationship with Nanoboy and CJ
  • however, it appears he has no feelings for another girl.

Abilities: Unlike the rest of Nanosquad, he has no powers. However, he uses inventions and machines (that he built) to fight with. He flys with mini propellers, and he fights with a giant mechinacle hand.


  • Isaac is the only member in the Nanosquad who has no powers.
  • Isaac is rarely seen upset, angry, or sad.