Nanoboy 7


Nanoboy (also known as Oscar), is the main hero/character of the series. He is also the Team Leader of the Nanosquad. Nanoboy is tasked to protect the Microcosmos from evil microbes.

His team members are CJ (Corona Jane) and Isaac Neuron, they all seem to have very good relationships.

Personality: Nanoboy has a head-strong personality. He also has a very heroic, strong, and noble-like personality. He has alot of patients for others and he just wants to stop the evil plots of Czar Zar.

Appearance: Nanoboy has very spikey orange hair, he has dark orange tips on his hair. He wears a red mask and a silver colored ear-peice signal on his right ear. He wears white tights (with a giant red symbol on it), he wears blue gloves, boots, and a belt (with a yellow belt buckle on it).


  • He is often seen with CJ most of the time, he is seen alone, very close, or is seen comforting her. Wich could be a sign showing he has a few feelings for her.

Powers and Abilities: He does not have many powers, but, he has the ability to fly and he does have super strengh, he is sometimes seen carrying heavy or large objects, however, he is often seen floating or flying.